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Our Story Of Change

Udaan is a special project inspired by the life-changing story of Mr. Gautam Adani, the Chairman of the Adani Group. As a child, Mr. Adani had visited the Kandla port in Gujarat, and after looking at the expanse of the port, he dreamt of having his own port one day. The rest, as they say, is history.

Project Udaan is a learning-based initiative focused on the youth of the nation. Under this project, services are absolutely-free of cost for all types of Govt. schools and with nominal charges for other educational institutes. Wherein students are given a chance to visit the Adani Port, Adani Power & Adani Wilmar facilities to get an insight into the largescale business activities carried out there. The major objective behind organising such visits is to encourage young minds to develop an interest in all sorts of enterprises and to encourage them to dream big in life. The Adani Foundation believes that when students are given exposure, it helps them to understand their own potential and get motivated to work towards the same. The Udaan project is geared towards motivating the students of our country and encouraging them to achieve greatness as well as inculcating an entrepreneurial spirit in their lives. It is a learning based initiative focusing on the UN's fourth Sustainable Development Goal - Quality Education.

After successfully launching the Udaan project in Mundra in December 2010, it has been introduced in Hazira (Gujarat), Kawai (Rajasthan), Tirora (Maharashtra), Dhamra (Odisha) and Udupi (Karnataka) in 2016-17. Above 4.27 lakh students have participated in this project till October 2023. Project Udaan services were shut down from April 2020 to May 2022 due to COVID-19.

Visitor’s Data

(Data from project started till October'23)

Sr. No Site Name/
Project Started from
School/Colleges Visited Total Students(Male) Total Students(Female) Total Faculties Total Participants
1 Mundra (Gujarat)
[ Dec. 2010 ]
3420 145903 85103 12892 243898
2 Mundra from Kutch District
[ Dec. 2012 ]
1484 38206 29905 3667 71778
3 Tirora (Maharashtra)
[ Sept. 2014 ]
574 14395 15469 2195 32059
4 Kawai (Rajasthan)
[ Sept. 2015 ]
224 6094 6279 1166 13539
5 Udupi (Karnataka)
[ Jul. 2015 ]
173 10522 11322 2064 23908
6 Hazira (Gujarat)
[ Dec. 2016 ]
473 13159 8644 1419 23222
7 Dhamra (Odisha)
[ Sept. 2022 ]
131 4581 4534 598 9713
8 S.V.P.I. Airport (Gujarat)
[ Aug. 2022 ]
38 674 760 77 1511
9 Krishnapatnam (Andhra P.)
[ Sept. 2022 ]
14 471 309 70 850
10 Katupalli (Tamil Nadu)
[ Dec. 2022 ]
34 1084 658 102 1844
11 Dahanu (Maharashtra)
[ Aug. 2022 ]
119 4278 1043 316 5637
Total 6684 239367 164026 24566 427959

Students of high school, especially from Std. 9 to 12, are encouraged to take part in the exposure tours. It is believed that at this age they would be able to absorb the learning in a better way, which could help them to shape their lives. Special efforts are taken to reach out to schools in rural areas. Apart from schools, college students are also encouraged to visit and get ignited. The participants are accommodated in modern hostels at Mundra and provided transport throughout the tour and wholesome meals at all locations. The information about various on-site operations is imparted through fun-filled, interactive sessions, with oral and audio-visual presentations.

In a day and age where education continues to reside mainly within the pages of a school textbook and the four walls of a classroom, Project Udaan continues to create a difference in the educational sector by creating experience-based learning. The project keeps the conveyor belt of India's young dreamers moving from hope to inspiration, and eventually, from perspiration to success. The culmination of it all, for the Adani Foundation, would be the discovery of the next brilliant visionary; for the country, however, it would be the beginning of a new successful chapter.


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